• 2019-11-15   

  • LDO regulator for vehicle—ABLIC
    S-19213 / 4 series LDO regulator, automotive level, operating temperature up to 125 ℃, low power consumption, high output!


  • About noise countermeasure products and surge related products.—OKAYA
    OKAYA offer various noise countermeasure products that are effective in preventing malfunction of equipment due to the influence of electromagnetic noise, safety measure, EMI (electromagnetic interference) regulation etc.Surge protective device (SPD) protects equipment from abnormal voltage caused by lightning. OKAYA have a wide range of products from low voltage to high voltage based on discharge / vacuum tube manufacturing technology.


  • Excellent recommendation!
    NCC substrate self-supporting high temperature products and smaller products, screw terminal type high voltage products and high ripple current products recommended!


  • Chip resistor new product recommendation—KOA
    The new series includes: pulse-resistant high-precision resistor SG73G series and small size high-power class WK73R/S series resistors


  • Quality witnesses value, choice comes from wisdom—MITSUBISHI(MMC)
    Mitsubishi thermistor is well-structured, not afraid of being attacked by static electricity, high strength and high temperature resistance; Mitsubishi ceramic antennas have automotive certification, excellent structure, simple frequency modulation, and can be applied to different models.