KOA Multilayer Type Metal Oxide Varistors NV73
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Product introduction


  • Varistors own two-way symmetries and can absorb positive and negative surges.

  • Multilayer construction allows its small size to absorb a large surge.

  • Small space and high density mounting available due to the small package.

  • Suitable for both flow and reflow solderings.

  • Products with lead free termination meet EU-RoHS requirements.

  • EU-RoHS regulation is not intended for Pb-glass contained in electrode, varistor element and glass.


  • Protection of ESD from input and output terminals of mobile devices.

  • Absorption of surge voltages occurred from inductive load of motors, relays, etc.

  • Protection of semiconductor elements against over voltages.

  • Absorption of surge voltages generated from piezoelectric elements.