Highlight Product: iC-MB4


iC-MB4 is a BiSS interface master, compatible with encoders using BiSS or SSI interface. The complete communication protocol is controlled by iC-MB4, and the readout sensor data can be fetched by a microcontroller/DSP. Register communication and actuator communication are also integrated in a small 5x5 mm QFN28 package (TSSOP24 also available). The main features of iC-MB4 are:

  • Supports BiSS-C, BiSS-B, SSI and SSI extended protocols

  • Bidirectional BiSS communication (max. 8 slaves, data rates up to 10 Mbit/s)

  • Interface with integrated transceivers: 2 channels (TTL or CMOS) or 1 channel (RS422 or LVDS)

  • Automatic line delay compensation

SPI or parallel interface to host (e.g. microcontroller or DSP)

The sensor data readout operation can be triggered automatically (AGS) or externally through pin or command. The CRC verification of the readout data is executed automatically by iC-MB4, with an error signaling in case of failure. The iC works with a single 3V to 5V supply, and is suitable for all applications where position acquisition and configuration of BiSS devices are needed, like multi-sensor systems, position encoder controllers, motor feedback systems, robotics, etc.


post time:2015-02-09