• 3G:small package, low cost, low leakage rectifier and diode—Diotec
    Semiconductor Diodes and Rectifiers have always been essential components of electronic devices. Rectifiers in power supplies, diodes for signal processing or protective elements in various circuits: Modern electronics cannot work without these parts.


  • Low resistance current sense resistor—KOA
    For medical equipment, the infusion pump manages a small amount of liquid through the pump, and controls the flow by controlling the motor drive current that drives the pump. In order to measure the drive current of a motor, a low-resistance current detection resistor must be used to control the accuracy of the motor, and the accuracy of motor control depends on the accuracy of the resistance.


  • Quality comes from professional, trust wins the future—NCC


  • Application scheme of high-end film capacitor in medical dialysis machine—KOA
    KOA high-precision thin-film capacitors are recommended for use in hemodialysis machines in the medical industry. Their noise is smaller than thick-film resistors, and they can achieve high-precision amplifier circuits. They perform better in heat resistance and humidity resistance than traditional products.


  • Low noise film capacitor—Nitsuko
    Nitsuko film capacitors have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high current resistance, and long life. The miniaturized FPA and FPB series and the low-noise FPS series honor the world\'s first. The entire series corresponds to Pb Free, Halogen-Free, and flame retardant , and is the best film capacitor environmental protection product.


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