• FIGARO\'s sensor create a safe and comfortable living environment for you
    Figaro’s product testing range extends from “safety” (gas leak quotes, speculation) to “comfortable” (air purifiers, air conditioners, microwave ovens) and “environmental monitoring” (carbon monoxide testing, automobile exhaust gas testing, odor testing, freon testing) ) And other fields


  • Current detection resistor for vehicle—KOA
    Performance is what you want, and quality is what you want.


  • Germany\'s latest technology third-generation Schottky power solution—Diotec
    Using the latest energy-saving technology and low-power electronic components, from the input bridge to power factor correction (PFC), such as flyback, forward, buck or boost switching stage topology and output stage, all these applications Circuits include protection and control circuits.


  • The world\'s first \"Zero Crossing Latch\" Hall IC—ABLIC
    Zero Crossing Latch Hall-effect IC (magnetic sensor) will bring innovation to the development and manufacture of brushless DC motors. The S-576Z B series is a consumer product with a new detection method that can change the output signal at the polarity change point (zero crossing point); it eliminates sensor position accuracy and component deviations and other negative effects on motor performance. The range increases the flexibility of the design stage and reduces the calibration workload during the manufacturing process.


  • High-speed transmission, smooth and unlimited——YAMAICHI


  • High-Resolution Optical Reflective Absolute Encoder-iC-PZ Serier
    The iC-PZ is a complete lensless optical reflective absolute encoder IC. With its integrated blue LED and interpolator, the iC-PZ provides a high- resolution single-chip absolute linear or rotary encoder solution.